Rekkles谈Caps离开Fnatic:“他没有听我的建议 我很失望”

2019-01-14 20:13  玩加电竞APP


Rekkles谈Caps离开Fnatic:“他没有听我的建议 我很失望”

(以下只节选了Rekkles在直播中的回答,原视频中Youngbuck, Broxah以及Bwipo也都此发表了看法,明天字幕组将会发布翻译后的视频 )

Rekkles: "I don't think [Caps] he has spoken with anyone before leaving, I think he's kind of just left and run figure out left words. So it was, yeah, very unexpected. I would say it wasn't..wasn't made in a nice way from his side and it's hard to respect him after that, [...] but, at the same time I can't say much because I've done it myself back in the day so... I can understand that he may think that the grass is greener on the other side, but I told him that he shouldn't go, and he still didn't take my advice and considerations so I was very disappointed to see that we weren't better friends... "

Rekkles:“我不认为 Caps在走之前和大家沟通过,他直接就走了然后留下了几句话。所以这真的很意外。我想说这不是..从他的角度来说这样做并不是正确的方式,以后也很难再像以前那样尊敬他了。但同时我也没资格说太多,因为我在年轻的时候也干过同样的事情所以...我可以理解他可能觉得那边比这儿更好,但我告诉过他他不应该走,但他并没有听我的建议和考虑,所以我很失望,我们可能不再是很好的朋友了...”

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